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Hey there, I'm Ishank, a developer who loves making websites and video games. Right now, I'm exploring Unreal Engine after working with Unity. I use NextJS for websites, and I always share my projects for free because I love helping others but sometimes I make proprietary games, that's mostly for the safety of the players and some in-app purchases.

I'm excited about creating more awesome stuff, and sponsorship would really help me out. Whether it's financial support or working together on projects, your help would let me focus on making cool things and getting better at what I do. Your support means a lot to me as I keep growing in this creative journey.

If you sponsor me, you can join my Discord server and share screenshots in the sponsor channel. It's a great way for us to chat and for me to show appreciation to all my sponsors. Thanks for considering teaming up with me!

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Currently, this page is down due to some banking issue. Thanks for coming here :)

Monthly Goal: 0/1000